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Game Detail

The failure of biochemical research has infected countless people, and cities are becoming human purgatory, and the source of energy to save humanity from danger is suspected to be hidden underground. This is the only possibility for mankind to overcome this disaster. What will they encounter in the advance team that arrives at the base?

Game Strategy

Standing on the roof of the skyscraper, you will face the monsters flying all over the sky. They will fly from the sky, climb close to their feet, or appear in the opposite building. You need to keep an eye on the monsters, so as not to be attacked by them. In the course of the battle, if you are attacked by monsters in different directions, you need to have a reasonable division of labor, and several people deal with monsters in different directions. Note that the fireball ejected from the monster's mouth in the opposite building will destroy the fireball before the fireball approaches, otherwise it will be seriously injured. After the collapse of the two buildings, the final Boss will appear, attacking the glowing points on the Boss and preventing Boss attacks.

Game Notice

In order to guarantee your consumer rights, please purchase relevant tickets from right channels;

Sold ticket cannot be returned/refunded.

Our game may contain bloody and uncomfortable scenes. If you have the following circumstances, you are not recommended to play:

1. Heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnant women and drunken people.

2. Bringing food, drinks, pets or any dangerous goods;

If customers insist to play, adverse affects and consequences resulting from the game's contents, are to be borne by respective individuals, VR+Zone will not responsible for any adverse consequences.

Thanks for your understanding!