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Metro: Dead End

Game Detail

The protagonists of the mercenaries went to the city where the zombie virus broke out to rescue the survivors, but here it has become a zombie purgatory, with no signs of any survivors. The above finally made up his mind, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, let the city disappear. The protagonists received the retreat order, but they encountered various obstacles in the process of retreating. Can they successfully evacuate?


When the player enters the subway, he can use the gun to shoot the characters to choose the character freely. Shooting the head of the zombie will make it easier to kill the target. Some explosives in the scene will help the player to reduce the pressure, cherish each grenade, and when the zombies gather more Use, the division of labor in each position, pay attention to different directions is the key to win.

Game Notice

In order to guarantee your consumer rights, please purchase relevant tickets from right channels;

Sold ticket cannot be returned/refunded.

Our game may contain bloody and uncomfortable scenes. If you have the following circumstances, you are not recommended to play:

1. Heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnant women and drunken people.

2. Bringing food, drinks, pets or any dangerous goods;

If customers insist to play, adverse affects and consequences resulting from the game's contents, are to be borne by respective individuals, VR+Zone will not responsible for any adverse consequences.

Thanks for your understanding!