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The Lost Jurassic

Game Detail

A group of modern people was crossed by the mysterious forces to the Jurassic. They built a base in the valley, studied and confronted dinosaurs, and tried to find a way to go back. Someday a volcano erupt, a large group of dinosaurs rushed to the base, the soldiers played by the players picked up weapons in the base, swearing to guard the base!

Game Strategy

Players enter the Jurassic world. When the dinosaurs are in all directions, it is especially important to cooperate with the defensive; shooting the dinosaur head, the damage value is higher, using the grenade can quickly kill the dinosaur; the damage deal to the boss is higher. Explosive red oil drums will bring additional damage, players need to rescue soldiers, and even beat the final BOSS tyrannosaurus with the help of the Triangulation.

Game Notice

In order to guarantee your consumer rights, please purchase relevant tickets from right channels;

Sold ticket cannot be returned/refunded.

Our game may contain bloody and uncomfortable scenes. If you have the following circumstances, you are not recommended to play:

1. Heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnant women and drunken people.

2. Bringing food, drinks, pets or any dangerous goods;

If customers insist to play, adverse affects and consequences resulting from the game's contents, are to be borne by respective individuals, VR+Zone will not responsible for any adverse consequences.

Thanks for your understanding!